Advantage of Disadvantage

To varying degrees, we all have our disadvantages in life. We lament them, compare them, but they’re ours…

Advantage_003Sometimes there’s a particular disadvantage that means more to us than the rest. Good or bad, we cling to it. We claim it, wear it as a badge, play it as our trump card. For better or worse, it is our advantage that we don’t want to lose.

Within other communities, we spot disadvantages, too. When we see others cling to a disadvantage, wear it as a badge, play it as their trump card, do we get frustrated? Or angry? Do we feel a pang of envy and kind of wish we could claim it as our own?

This card is a space to claim your badge, and to long for another’s. Think deeply and honestly. Write what your “(dis)advantage” is and why it’s yours. Then write about a (dis)advantage that you do not have, but perhaps secretly envy, and why.

Note: Advantage of Disadvantage, was presented at Open Engagement on Friday, April 29, from noon to 2pm as part of Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure San Francisco Open Houses.


Performance from Open Engagement (2016)


Be a part of the project…

AdvantageCardDownload the card to the right, print on a letter-size page, fill it out, and send it to

Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen
2830 20th Street, #105
San Francisco, CA 94103

Bonus: Tell me your story in your own way. Send digital submissions of stories, letters, image, video, writing, etc. to rhiannon|at|





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