Call for Proposals: N/Q/C

Call for proposals for an exhibition I’m putting together this fall…

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Nigger / Queer / Cunt (a.k.a N/Q/C): an exhibition about three difficult words

These three words have a complex history where usage, meaning, and acceptance have morphed over time. Each word has been a threat and a term of endearment, has polarized the community it references, and has been claimed or reclaimed with varying degrees of success. Each can be used by some with ease and by others with visceral discomfort.

Curator Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen is calling for submissions for an exhibition and series of events (talks, performances, etc.) that unpack the words Nigger / Queer / Cunt. How these words are explored is open to interpretation and discussion. The show is tentatively scheduled for November 2014 in the San Francisco/Bay Area.

Submit a brief proposal at

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